Is there something that you’ve been so intimidated by for so long…

that the thought of trying it actually caused you anxiety and then you finally do it and it’s so easy  you’re kicking yourself for having been scared of it for so long?

Electrical wiring was that thing for me. Just basic electrical wiring. Today I finally did it and it was so damn simple that I feel like an idiot for having let it intimidate me for so long.

Today I added plug ends to some new cable, cut up some existing cable into multiple shorter ones and added plugs ends to those and wired an electrical outlet. I’m so proud of myself! Of course my dad was there to watch and make sure I didn’t burn anything down, but it was so freaking simple. My dad has been wanting to put electrical outlets in my trailer this whole time and I was so intimidated by electrical stuff that I didn’t even want HIM to mess with it and wouldn’t let him put any in. 

I swear, the best part of building a tiny house isn’t even the house, it’s everything you learn along the way in the process of building. I have learned SO MUCH. When I first started this project my skills extended to being an expert Ikea furniture assembler. I could use a screwdriver and read directions. That’s it. 

I feel so confident in myself now that I can handle almost anything that may arise. I don’t feel like so many things are beyond my capabilities. I know that if something breaks I can fix it. I know that if I want to build something new for my tiny house that I can build it. It’s a really amazing feeling and totally worth all the trouble and setbacks. 

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Crafts officially on my to-list

Yoga pants out of a t-shirt

Underwear out of a t-shirt

Empire Waist Blouse out of a t-shirt

DIY Leggings

DIY Convertible Infinity dress

DIY Dress

Just in case you can’t tell, I would like to start making my own clothes. I don’t actually know how to sew, but I figure I can learn and these are all pretty simplistic projects. It would just be so amazing to actually be capable of making my own clothes instead of always having to stress out about not having money to buy shit that actually fits from a store.