Michael Nodianos confession 

This is our rape culture. Guys sitting around joking about raping some unconscious girl. This is the culture in which men think rape is ok. This is what I mean when I say the men doing the raping aren’t the scary men waiting in a dark alley, it’s your normal average guys. These men are your brothers, your boyfriends, your sons, your neighbors, your friends. YOU KNOW THEM. THEY ARE RAPING PEOPLE. THEY THINK IT’S COOL. THEY ARE GETTING AWAY WITH IT. 

I’m just so fucking disgusted. 

This is where our culture has to change. Women aren’t the problem. Men are. Until we teach our boys and our men that this is absolutely disgusting and unacceptable behavior the rapes will continue.

Every time a guy feels you owe him because he paid for dinner. Every time he thinks you wore that skirt because you obviously want to get laid, regardless of how many times you say no. Every time some guy thinks it’s your responsibility to take care of the blue balls you’re giving him with all your teasing and not putting out. Every time a guy thinks it’s fine because you’re not actually capable of saying no because you’re passed out. Every time a guy thinks “no” means you’re just playing hard to get.


It’s all rape. No one is ever fucking entitled to sex. There is nothing that ENTITLES you to put your dick in someone without their desire and consent.